Small hydroelectric power plants - SHEPP

Small hydroelectric power plants are installations in which the potential energy of water at first transforms into kinetic energy of its flow, than in mechanic energy (inside of curl of turbine) and final in electric energy inside of generator. The world energetic trend in the past few years is a big step towards the renewable energy sources. For small hydroelectric power plants it considers that they don't have harmful influence on environment unlike the large hydroelectric power plants whose adversity represents through large changes of ecosystem (constructions of large dams), effects on the ground, floods, effects on the water life, increased emission of methane and other damaging emissions during the whole life-cycle of large hydroelectric power plant.

Since beginning the company PALOČ d.o.o. has tried to expand its areas of business by listening to demands of the customers and market, led by that kind of vision we decided to build two small hydroelectric power plants – SHEPP Duboki potok and SHEPP Sastavci (power 1 MW) which were in our ownership until 2011. when we sold them. Beside this two SHEPP we participated in building four more SHEPP with companies Tehel d.o.o. Sarajevo and Rose Wood d.o.o. Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje, also, we are co-owner of the 20kV electric trunk on which building we participated.

Led by good experience in building SHEPP and having great relations with the suppliers of the equipment, we decided to do an independent project by building SHEPP Crima in village in Prozor – Rama, which we successfully brought to an end. In 2012. we started building SHEPP Voljevac cooperating with company Elektro grupa d.d. Jajce, and in 2015. we started to build SHEPP Brestavni potok cooperating with company Turbina d.o.o. Jajce which we are planing to finish by the end of 2016. and we have successfully finished it in 11th month of 2016.

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Considering we have all the necessary mechanization for building SHEPP we can also offer you the services with construction mechanization for any other projects.

Small hydroelectric power plants represent the combination of advantages in producing energy from hydro potentials and decentralized electricity generation, while at the same time it shows no negative effects on environment like large power plants.

In comparison with large hydroelectric power plants, some of the advantages of small hydroelectric power plants are:

  • they have almost no disadvantages
  • they don't have any distribution costs
  • they don't have any negative effect on the ecosystem
  • cheap maintenance