Myths related to laundry washing

If clothes are very dirty you should put more detergent

Many people believe that you should put more detergent if the clothes are very dirty. That is definitely the biggest myth which achieves the opposite effect. If you put more detergent in your laundry than it is recommended, the program you choose can not wash all the detergent and can damage your clothes and cause allergic reactions on your skin. Follow the rules printed on the detergent and the washing machine.

Clothes do not wash well in a cold water

The second myth present by the people is that the clothes cannot be washed well in a cold water. That is false. Detergent for laundry washing are as same meltable and functional in the cold as in warm water. Some materials cannot be washed in a warm water, but you can wash them as well. Towels, socks and underwear you should definitely wash in a warm water.

It is not necessary to dispart clothes before washing

Do not rely yourself on different kind of means and wipes for color absorption because you cloud regret it. Separating clothes is not an old fashion advice, it is very functional advice which exist by a reason. Separate your clothes on white, black and colorful and you will avoid disappointment when you paint your favorite T-shirt.

Clothes can compress by the washing

The fact that some clothes can be compressed by the washing is not that true. Some materials like wool should be washed by a special instructions. Sensitive materials can be compressed by drying them.

Faded jeans are useless

Try to bring back your faded jeans its color by washing them in the washing machine. Wash your old and new jeans together and put in the drum a hand or two full of salt. Part of color from your new jeans could pass on your old jeans.

Few tricks for laundry washing

  1. Oil from the skin attracts dirt that accumulates the most on the collar shirts. Before you put the shirt in a washing machine lubricate the collar with shampoo.
  2. In the case of hardcore marks wet your clothes in a warm water with a little bit of detergent and leave it in the night.
  3. For white laundry to remain white, and black does not get white, turn the clothes upside down and wash it on the lowest temperature which will remove the impurity.
  4. Hardcore marks like the ones from coffee, ketchup or greasy hands, liquor with shaving cream and leave it about half an hour and then wash it in the washing machine.
  5. If your washing machine acquired stale and unpleasant smell, put half cup of baking soda into a powder container and put it on the short washing.