Maintenance of the washing machine

If you want your clothes to be always washed thoroughly, it is necessary to maintain your washing machine, favorite helper in everyday life. There are three things that are important and you should take care about:

Never leave wet clothes in your machine

To prevent the formation of mildew, do not leave washed clothes in the drum by long time period. The mildew causes unpleasant smell, and for a long term, it can damage the interior of the machine.

Regularly perform the cleaning cycle of washing machine

Every 4-6 weeks it is important to preform the cycle of empty machine washing on high temperature (at least 60°C) with small amount of powder or liquid detergent. In that way you remove leftovers of your latest washing and you clean the washing machine. It is necessary to choose the longest possible process and add baking soda (in small amount) for drum cleaning.

Cleaning detergent drawer

Do you regularly clean detergent drawer: how often do you do that at the end or the beginning of a new cycle? Not how much you should! That is an extremely important step which guarantees the efficiency of powder and liquid detergent and clean and fragrant laundry. By cleaning the draw you prevent the formation of mildew on the inside of the machine, where you can find the detergent leftovers. Also you can pull the draw and clean it with a bleach (leave it for 10 min) and wash it thoroughly.