Liquid Detergent vs Powder Detergent


According to many studies, it came to a conclusion that the liquid detergent is a better choice for colored laundry than universal powder detergent. Why? Liquid detergent does not contain bleach like universal powder detergents, that is why it helps to contain original color and the laundry looks like new and preserved.

Reasons why many people are avoiding liquid detergents is because they believe that the liquid detergents does not remove stains. Those powders and liquid detergents contain enzymes which remove stains off the laundry.

Also, one of the reasons of not using liquid detergent is belief that the liquid detergent is quicker expendable then powder detergent.

Some people think that the powder is more economic than liquid, but that wrong belief usually arises from wrong dosage. Difference between liquid and powder detergent is big, so it is necessary to carefully follow the instructions for dosage. Many think that dispenser is not necessary because the detergent puts in a draw. That is wrong. Dispenser filled with liquid detergent is necessary to put in a drum of washing machine together with clothes. In that way ingredients for the stain removal contacts directly with clothes and can immediately start with the cleaning process.

They are right who says that the liquid detergent will not leave a white mark. It is true because the liquid detergent is already in a current state and will immediately melt in water and will not leave a white mark on the clothes.

If the white mark from powder detergents stay on your clothes, or if powder detergent coagulates in your washing machine, just reduce the amount of detergent that you put in the washing machine.