Dim-Kamenolom d.o.o.

In early 2012. we have started cooperation with company DIM-KAMENOLOM d.o.o. on production and sale of stone, by buying shares in the company. On quarry „Ograjina Žepče“, exploatation and processing of stone are performed for the purpose of obtaining fractions of aggregates for the production of concrete and asphalt. Stone is exploated from volcanic rock massif by mining and machine extraction and it is transported for further processing. Processing involves crushing and sieving of granules up to 32 mm, some of the materials are further milled to obtain the fine fraction. The final purpose of the aggregate is filling in asphalt and cement. The screened material is fractioned into basic fractions:
  1. Small aggregate
    • fraction 0-4 mm
    • fraction 0-2 mm
  2. Large aggregate
    • fraction 4-8 mm
    • fraction 8-11,2 mm
    • fraction 11,2-16 mm
    • fraction 2-4 mm

Classification of aggregates is done according to the requirements of specification CONCRETE AGGREGATE EN 12620 AND AGGREGATE FOR BITUMINOUS MIXTURES EN 13043.
Besides aggregate fractions, on the quarry we produce crushed stone which is used for railway curtains. Crushed stone is a stone product which is according to the mineralogical-petrographic composition classified as peridotite. The quality of the stone has been tested and evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Internal standards of Jugoslavien railways JŽS G2.011- Technical specifications for the manufacture and delivery of crushed stone mulch railways (or HNŽ G.2011 - Technical specifications for the manufacture and delivery of crushed stone mulch railways HŽ – Croatian railways).

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Since 2012. until today company Paloč has signed and realized many contracts, from which the most important are following:

  • Contract for delivery stone aggregate with company Konstruktor Neretva d.o.o. Čapljina who are engaged for the construction of the final layer on the main road Posušje – Široki Brijeg.
  • Contract with company Sarajevoputevi d.d. Sarajevo – section of highway Olovo – Kladanj and highway Semizovac – Sarajevo.
  • Contract with company Doboj putevi d.d. Doboj Jug – section of highway Maglaj - Doboj.
  • Contract with company GP-PUT d.d. Sarajevo – section of highway Kiseljak – Sarajevo.
  • Contract with company JATA GROUP d.o.o. Srebrenik – section of highway Travnik – Vitez.
  • Contract with company BH-ASFALT d.o.o. Sarajevo – final layer highway corridor 5c: Sarajevo bypass, Bilješevo – Zenica, Kiseljak-Tarčin,  Stup loop and construction of Sarajevo bypass, Zenica bypass, city highway Zenica, boulevard Zenica and city highway Gračanica.
  • Contract for delivery of crushed stone with company G.C.F. Italy for reconstruction Sarajevo-Bradina railway.
  • Contract with company G.D. GRANIT A.D. Skoplje on construction part of road Doboj-Prnjavor.