With only 4 workers, which this company had in the first year of working, the number of employees began to increase every year by extending the areas of business. Today, in 2016. the company has more than 40 workers and our businesses are producing and distributing detergents and cleaning preparations for households, retail and wholesale. We are also producers of electric energy with our small hydro plants. Cooperating with associated company DIM-KAMENOLOM d.o.o. Žepče, we have also started production and sale of stone.

On the Bosnia and Herzegovina market, we are best recognized by producing detergents and cleaning preparations under the name POWER and OMIX. We now produce 40 products, constantly adapting to the demands of the customers and market. Sales and distribution of our products take place on the whole market of Bosnia and Herzegovina with direct orders or orders by commercial travellers.

The detergent factory PALOČ d.o.o. with a long term experience in producing detergent, which is verified by TÜV SÜD MANAGEMENT SERVICE GmbH from München by giving her an ISO 9001:2000 (later ISO 9001:2008) certificate that guaranties European quality, has made a new line of product for you, called POWER LINE.

Small hydroelectric power plants are installations in which the potential energy of water at first transforms into kinetic energy of its flow, than in mechanic energy (inside of curl of turbine) and final in electric energy inside of generator. The world energetic trend in the past few years is a big step towards the renewable energy sources. For small hydroelectric power plants it considers that they don't have harmful influence on environment unlike the large hydroelectric power plants whose adversity represents through large changes of ecosystem (constructions of large dams), effects on the ground, floods, effects on the water life, increased emission of methane and other damaging emissions during the whole life-cycle of large hydroelectric power plant.

In early 2012. we have started cooperation with company DIM-KAMENOLOM d.o.o. on production and sale of stone, by buying shares in the company. On quarry „Ograjina Žepče“, exploatation and processing of stone are performed for the purpose of obtaining fractions of aggregates for the production of concrete and asphalt. Stone is exploated from volcanic rock massif by mining and machine extraction and it is transported for further processing.